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Important changes for NSW Learners, P1 and P2 Licence Holders

Caitlin Kerr - Friday, October 14, 2016

There are numerous upcoming changes in the rules regarding NSW L Platers and P Platers.  The aim of these changes is to better prepare new drivers for the real challenges and hazards they will face on the roads, consequently leading to a reduced fatality due to improved driver awareness.

We have listed the key changes and dates they come into effect below.

  • The first of these changes take place on the 1st December this year, which will see that P2 Licence holders, those who have held their P1 licence for 12 months and passed a Hazard Perception Test, will no longer be permitted to use a mobile phone in their car for calls, even if it is mounted securely or used as a hands free device.  This includes if the car is stationary but not in park.
  • The rest of the changes to NSW L and P Platers take place in November 2017, these will include:
  • In addition to passing a practical driving test to obtain a provisional licence, learner drivers will now also have to pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT), with the HPT previously being a requirement only for those wishing to obtain their P2 licence.  A HPT is a touch screen based test that assesses the driver on their ability to judge potentially dangerous real life traffic situations and react accordingly.  

  • As a result of the change above, this also means that P1 Licence holders will no longer be required to pass the Hazard Perception Test to progress to a P2 licence, as these new changes mean they will have already successfully passed this test.

  • These changes also mean that P2 licence holders are no longer required to take the Driver Qualification Test , a two part digital test that assesses theory and the hazard perception test. Instead, in order to obtain an unrestricted licence, P Platers will now have to demonstrate a good driving record.

  • Finally, each time a P2 licence holder receives a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour, their time as a P2 licence holder will be extended by 6 months.
           Important Note: ACT Learner drivers are not restricted when driving outside the ACT and must abide by the posted speed limits. Please read the blog.
  • See below video from Transport for NSW for further information.