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National Driving Academy welcomes your feedback on our website, booking system, driving lessons and driving instructors. We strive to provide the highest possible quality and value for money experience for our customers. And to improve what we do we need to know what you feel about it. Read the feedback we have received from past customers. 

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Tony was great & put me at ease straight away. He taught me so much and I can't wait for my next lesson.

"My learning experience through the national driving academy has been very enjoyable and I will be recommending the driving school to any person who needs as such in the future. Sampson Massey was an excellent driving instructor. One small problem I did have was in the car when doing hill starts etc the front brake wasn't holding the best. Regards, Alexander"

The lessons were really well set out, learning specific competencies and learning each competency thoroughly. The instructor was supportive and gave tips to help with certain things and these really helped. The only issue I found was the amount of lessons required but that was necessary to complete all the competencies so it is understandable.

"Instructor Samsom is very good. Strict on rules & parks in teaching . His approach is very helpful. Had a good experience with him."

The online booking system was pretty easy to use. Samson's teaching was both instructive and explanatory.

Alys was extremely pleased with the lessons she received from Babar, and how patience he was in comparison to her parents. The whole family was impressed at the attention to detail from the academy and loved how Babar called to find out the results of Alys government test. Thank you Babar for all your help!

As it was my first ever driving lesson and being a very anxious driver, Babar made me feel very comfortable. The lesson was great and I now look forward to my next one instead of dreading it.

Babar is an amazing instructor with so much patience! Driving has always terrified me but Babar gave me the skills and confidence to be able to get my license. He makes the lessons so comfortable and is always up for a laugh! Thanks so much to Babar for being awesome!

BABAR!  I passed my test! :) the driving instructor said I did everything really well, I also didn't have to re-try anything, first go every time.  Thanks so much for being a great teacher :) Amaliah.

Very impressed with Babar. I have already booked my second lesson. He is very professional and extremely informative.

Tony is excellent at making you feel at ease and giving thorough explanations.

Donald Friend was an excellent driving instructor. He went to a lot of extra effort to explain the best way to do things, and more importantly why. I was very grateful for the extra effort he put it in when teaching me. He made sure I knew what I was doing and was confident with my driving. Very happy – Thanks!

Very professional. Stephan was relaxed and calm and helped me feel at ease and learn.

Thank you Babar & the national driving academy for providing high quality instruction to my daughter Clare. I will definitely be recommending your school to my friends. Angie.

Joe was an excellent and very supportive instructor. He explained things clearly, had a good sense of humour and made the whole process comfortable and relaxed. I am very grateful he was my instructor and would recommend highly.

Shoel was calm and friendly. He explained everything very clearly and I felt very relaxed during the lesson. I thought he was great.

The driving lesson was enjoyable and I learnt a lot after one lesson. My Instructor was very good and I recommended him to many of my peers.  

Joe Koren was fantastic! Thank you so much!!

Good calm instructor, good experience.

Babar has been the most fantastic instructor. I will miss him so much. My driving is amazing, thanks to him. April.

Thanks so much to Joe Koren and Umair Farquan for being awesome driving instructors!  I'm feeling ready and confident for my new journey on the road ahead.  Kind Regards, Atul.

Benjamin really enjoyed his lessons with Samson and we would like to thank him for all his help in training our son. Today Benjamin went and picked up his licence and drove himself to school for the first time, he is over the moon with excitement. Thank you again!

I needed to get my au pair from Italy familiarised with driving on the left-hand side. I booked three sessions for her and was really pleased with approach Babar took. He was punctual, professional and provided me great feedback on the lesson progression, her competencies and what requirements she'd have to fulfil to meet international licence and insurance. I'll be using him for the au pair!

Babar was a brilliant instructor - he used great techniques to make sure that I understood what he was saying. He's a huge asset to you!

Joe came highly recommended from previous student. I found Joe to be a great instructor, he is incredibly knowledgeable and provided me with clear instructions and insightful feedback which has empowered me to be able to drive more confident on the road. Joe is an absolute professional and I would highly recommend Joe to anyone seeking an instructor who is able to make the student feel comfortable learning to drive in a supportive and constructive environment.

Tony was very good in explaining everything and being patient with me. Really enjoyed learning to drive with him.

Really good fun. Learnt a lot.

The call centre man was polite and patient. I asked him lots of questions about getting my license, and he was happy to explain the process. My driving instructor was great!! I walked away feeling so much more confident with my driving skills. He pinpointed areas I need to focus on, which helped. He gave me heaps of tips for my P's test. I was panicking, but I'm feeling more relaxed going into my test. Thank you!

Samson was a great instructor. He was very easy to learn from and new all his road rules very well. I would definitely recommend Samson if you are aiming to learn in an automatic.

Tony is a very patient and nice instructor. I don't have any experience about driving. His patience makes me relaxed. He is also responsible instructor. I like learning driving from him. 

The instructor was very clear, patient and calm.

I recently completed my log book and assessment, my instructor was Babar Cohan. I am 41 and have never driven in my life, I was nervous, apprehensive and generally fearful of learning to drive but I was also determined. Babar was amazing, with his first words as I approached the little Toyota on my lesson, 'Chris this is the car that is going to take you to your P plates' I was immediately put at ease. With his lesson styles, his patience, his ability to come up with solutions to what I thought were frustratingly hard problems, I can only but commend him. I am now very positive about driving and continue to grow in confidence when I do drive, heeding his safe teachings and the skills he has taught me. I have completed a challenge that I set myself and it means a world to me and only did so because of Babar. I would highly recommend the driving school to anyone of any driving age and once again thank Babar for the way he taught me to drive.

So been a longtime but I finally have my full license , and got a discount for a good record ( whatever that means) it's been 3 years since I started my lessons with you , have had a sales job since then and drove nearly 17000k last year , so this is another big thank you , I've kept safe , and your teaching was fantastic, wish the rest of Canberra would learn with you guys , many thanks once again, Chris.

Really good.

He was very calm which made me feel less nervous and more comfortable.

Tony was a great teacher. I felt very comfortable with him teaching me how to drive. He was very helpful and patient with me. Without him I don't know whether I would have ever got my licence! He was great.

Joe was a very good instructor and clearly experienced on the road. My lesson with him was very helpful and I will continue my bookings as I believe I can get important practice and learn a lot with him.

My daughter stated the instructor was very polite and nice, she would like to have further lessons with him.  

I wanted to ring to say how very happy I was with Patrick and his very high standard and service as well as being very pleased with National Driving Academy completely. Thank you very much, I got my licence, I was very nervous to start with but Patrick was very kind in his approach, he deserves to be told this.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the National Driving Academy for the professional experience and service I am having in obtaining my license. Mr Samson Massey is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get their license. He is patient, polite, sincere and professional with his expert knowledge and helpful tips. I am close to getting my P's and I couldn't be more confident, comfortable and excited about driving (unlike before). I'm very grateful to have Mr Massey as my instructor and happy I chose the National Driving Academy for their service --- Thank you!!!

My final drive was nervous but exciting at the same time. I was much more confident and relaxed thanks to my supervisor Mr Samson Massey. The car (Hyundai i30) was clean and comfortable to drive and it was also just the right size to learn in. I am extremely happy with choosing National Driving Academy and will recommend them highly to anyone. A very special Thank you to Samson for your teaching skills and advice in obtaining my license.

Excellent start, very informative and very helpful.

I've had a great learning experience with Samson. He's been very supportive and always took the time to explain things in detail. I learnt a few great tips from him too. Overall, my experience with Samson and the NDA has been positive and I'd recommend them to anyone.

"I'm excited to finally say I passed my final drive today. I've had a great journey with Samson and I would definitely recommend him and the NDA."

Thank you so much for your patience and help in teaching me to drive.  I never thought I could do it, so I always pushed it aside for years.  I always thought that at my age I could not achieve my licence and as you taught my daughter I was determinted to achieve my goal this year.  Your support and belief in me it allowed me to reach that goal.  Your professionalism and determination to teach me allowed that dream to become a reality. That dream I've had of being a driver from coming to Australia 24 years ago.  Thank you so much for teaching this old girl a new trick.  Kind regards, Elba.

My driving lessons with Babar were really, really helpful compared to other instructors I had. I learnt much more with National Driving Academy, thanks again Babar.

Stephen was very calm and didnt freak out at all. He made me feel me very comfortable.

I'm very happy with my overall experience through National Driving Academy, Samson was a very good instructor and has taught me life lessons that I can take and apply to my driving for the rest of my life. I found booking lessons to be very easy and hassle free and not time consuming, just simple and quick. The car that I used with Samson is easy to adjust to and easy to use. I would strongly recommend National Driving Academy to any learners as my experience with you guys was made simple and easy and I have learnt many things in terms of driving and ways I can apply them to everyday driving in order to keep me safe and others safe on the road.

Danny was very patient with me. I learned so much on my one hour of driving lesson.

I thought it was very good and I learned a lot of things from Samson which will help me while driving alone. Samson taught me some really good skills to become a good and safe driver. He was punctual with time, calm and patient with me. I will surely recommend him to my friends in the college.

Felt really good about 1st driving lesson.

Was very comfortable and not as scary as it thought. It was good.

The whole process in arranging my son's first driving lesson with Tony was a pleasant experience! A few negotiations had to be had to accommodate all parties but was arranged without delays/issues. My son went well, learnt some tips and is looking forward to his next lesson!

Hi Steven, we wanted to write and say thank you for getting both of our children through their Ls and successfully to their Ps. We are extremely pleased that both kids were successful in attaining their Ps on the first attempt. This is a reflection of the patience and skill you used in teaching them both. Of course, all of the excellent work you do cannot be fully realised unless there is a someone willing to put in many hours of work to help the student practice, and we hope that other parents understand the importance of their role in supporting the vital groundwork that you do. Bella gained her Ps in February 2011 and has subsequently done a defensive driving course as well as completing the P-off course. Gus gained his Ps in September this year. We are pleased to say that both kids are safe, skilled and considerate drivers. We highly recommend you to anyone seeking a patient, experienced and outstanding driving instructor. We wish you all the very best and thank you again.

Was very kind and did not make the situation stressful even when I made a mistake.

Excellent Instructor! Supportive, informed, all elements of a professional.  He was able to prepare me for my Driving Test better than any other instructor I have had.  Feedback after lessons was perfect, and I am truly grateful for the in-depth knowledge he left me with.  I now feel safe to drive on the roads by myself!

It took me a while but I enjoyed my learning from Babar, sometimes a bit frustrating with my ability but I got there.

Tony was very good for my first lesson. He took the time to show me around the vehicle before I drove. He was very patient and I was very happy with my first lesson.

This was a really good experience. Samson was very helpful and accommodating - He explained things clearly and helped me work on the parts I had trouble with. Was great to work with him :)

After attempting my test twice before with also professional driving lessons and no luck, today I PASSED! Thank you so much for all your help! You're a wonderful instructor Babar 


Thanks so much Babar, I'll remember all the advice you gave me and will definitely be recommending you :)

I am now confident behind the wheel of a car. Babar is excellent at teaching and also providing feedback. It has been a pleasure to get my license.

Joe was my instructor, he was very understandable and a great teacher. Highly recommended. Thanks.

For someone who really didn't care about getting her 'P's before her learner license ran out it was a great way to get competent in the skills required and become a proficient driver. I would recommend for parents to book for their child/ren even when they tell them to not bother booking lessons. It was a truely great experience.

I had a fantastic experience with the National Driving Academy especially having such a wonderful instructor like Brian McManus. He was very professional when it was comes to driving instructions - straightforward, clear and concise which made my learning experience much easier. I applaud him with his expertise as well as his patience in conducting the driving lessons. For someone my age and ethnic background, I highly recommend Brian as a driving instructor. I would also recommend the National Driving Academy to anyone due to it's friendly and efficient service.

I would like to say how much I appreciate Babar’s instruction on teaching Tim to drive. He was the most knowledgeable, professional, dedicated Driving Instructor I have ever met. He needs to be commended on his ability to teach and advise students. I could not fault the Keys to Drive lesson. We were so impressed we booked in with Babar for a further 5 lessons.

Danny MCCARTHY is a good instructor. He is very nice, calm, smiley, patient, helpful and encouraging. I built up my confidence through a lot of practice with him.  The booking system is fantastic.  It would definitely be every Canberran's first choice if the lesson price can be cheaper.

I completed my log book and assessment on 20.6.13 my instructor was Samson Massey. I am south Korean and I have a language barrier I had very little experience in driving, I was nervous and generally fearful while driving. Samson is talented, with his teaching. Even though English being my problem I was put at ease with his lesson style and his patience. I am now very positive about driving and continue to develop confidence and only did so because of Samson. I would highly recommend the national driving school.

Samson was kind and professional. He explained things clearly and concisely and could offer both positive and negative feedback as appropriate.

Patrick was extremely professional and also very friendly. He gave me a lot of confidence in building my driving skills.

I am Joseph from Botswana and Samson Massey is my Driving instructor. He is amazing full of knowledge and experience. He is patient and accommodating He set me at ease and helped me in getting through the logbook journey. I thank him thoroughly and will recommend him and d school. I had the best of experience.Samson was really patient with me.he gave credit where he found me doing well and he was very professional with his comments.he took time to indicate exactly how to do some exercise.if asked to do this again I will do that without habitation.with Sam of course.I hail the academy for the assistance and the guidance, thank you.

Samson Massey (who is my instructor), was extremely helpful in helping me understand and learn new techniques, tips, ideas and ways of safe driving as well as awareness on the road and various other aspects of driving. He gave me lots of positive feedback at the end of each lesson which boosted my confidence. He also gave me feedback about things i was either doing wrong, needed improvement or how to take a different technique/approach on multiple competencies and this helped me a lot. I believe the lessons should be a little bit cheaper, $5-$10 maybe, just because it would help those financially incapable and the fact it would attract a lot more customers. I feel i am a better and safer driver doing my lessons through National Driving Academy than what i would be if i did lessons through anyone else. I would like to thank National Driving Academy, all the instructors and the staff who operate within the company for making my experience enjoyable and one to remember. :D

The instructor was easy to understand and follow. The instructor also made me feel relaxed.

Tony was amazing in all aspects. Ryan felt so at ease and after one lesson told me he only wanted Tony and nobody else!  Online booking system was easy.  We would recommend Tony to everyone without a doubt." 

Thanks to Raj Sharma who helped me gain confidence on the roads by teaching the really right things about driving skills and road safety in such an easy and understable way you will never lose the skill. Very happy I approached National driving academy for my driving lessons as the instructor's approach was far better and helpful from some others schools I have tried. Highly recommend.

Babar has great rapport with young people and good humour. He is generous with his feedback and clear with his instruction. He provides clear direction for home support instruction by parents and care givers and whilst doing his lessons. Babar is perfectly suited for his role as a driving instructor within his manner and disposition towards the task of educating people on effective driving skills for life.

Great teacher, went through everything really well.

I would just like to say thank you to Brian for helping our son Tom to learn to drive. Brian is a very helpful and approachable person who was able to teach our son what we were unable to with a smile. We will definitely be using him again for our next two children.

Babar was recommended to me by friends and colleagues at college. I was nervous but was happy how my training went.

Patrick was very supportive and calm for Lachlan.

My instructor is very informative, professional and approachable. I feel like I will not only be able to obtain my license but be a safe and aware driver after my lessons are completed.  

Very Cooperative - Very reassuring. Making sure that Leonard knew every aspect in depth. Which has made him feel very confident his driving.   Generally super nice guy. Firm but reassuring teaching style, which helped a lot.   Will be looking at getting his sister lessons when she is ready.

Thank you Babar!  Thank you for being very patient and caring during the past lessons.  Wish you all the best.

Babar is a great instructor who is very patient and takes the necessary time to explain things in a way that makes sense and is actionable. The call centre team are very helpful and nothing is too much for them. Thanks National Driving.

"Just wanted to say thanks to Babar for teaching our daughter Kathryn to drive. She was so excited to get her P's and she really enjoyed all her lessons with Babar. He was a great instructor and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends with children who need driving lessons. Kathryn keeps an eye on us to make sure we are doing everything properly, after all the knowledge she has gained each lesson. She's a very good driver."

"I was taught very good driving skills by babar. I enjoyed it and learnt everything properly. Thank you very much Babar."

Felt comfortable.

"Every lesson was very supportive which made learning enjoyable. Thankyou"

I was really nervous before we started. Samson was really professional and understanding. He explained to me in much detail the importance of my first lesson, step by step. He was patient and gave me the extra confidence behind the wheel.

"I had a really good time with my instructor , he gave me a lot of new tips and prepared me to drive safely . Every lesson he was on Time and never cancelled I could book a lesson any time I wanted Thank you very much"

Great experience. Instructor was very patient and spoke well.

"Samson was very clear with his explanations which was very useful. He was also calm which made things easier and less tense. The online booking system is easy to use but sometimes is a bit buggy when trying to book a review."

"Samson my instructor was very helpful and constructive and I have learned a lot in my experience with him. I felt very safe and comfortable in the car, and with Samson there too. I have gotten advice that will help in the future as well. I will be telling my friends about this company for themselves. Overall I had a good experience with learning to drive and will feel comfortable driving in the future now."

While the weather and traffic made for a shaky start to my driving lesson, Joe managed to stay calm and taught me some valuable lessons.

Stephen made us feel very comfortable.

"Max had two lessons with Joe and we were very happy with those lessons, Joe helped Max perfect his driving skills so he could pass the one-off test."

"I have recently been learning through your school with Samson as my instructor. I just wanted to leave some feedback. He was awesome to learn with, very patient and always explained mistakes logically and offers great techniques for difficult manoeuvres. I just passed the final assessment of the log book today and I can't wait to get out on the road. He was a great instructor and a credit to your company and I highly recommend him. I feel really confident on the road and appreciate all of his help."

I have been terrified for years about learning to drive (and to be honest I am still really scared) so it was great to have an instructor like Danny who doesn't get frustrated or ruffled when I start to panic or make mistakes. I feel like I have learned a lot already and I am excited to keep learning and stop being scared of driving. I'll be booking my next lesson in as soon as I can.

"The experience was really worth while, I have learned much more than I had driving with my parents and it made me confident enough to drive in any location."

"My experience with NDA was very positive. I found the company as a whole very professional, especially the online booking and payment system. The receptionist Grace was also very friendly and helpful. Samson was my instructor, his experience and intuition helped in tailoring my lessons to my weaknesses and strengths which was paramount to my success in obtaining my license. He remains calm, is patient and puts the learner driver at ease. I would not hesitate in recommending him or the company to other learner drivers. Thank you NDA! :D"

Thank you so much for your help Babar.  I really enjoyed my learning time with you.  You are the best.  Cheers Milcho.

Barbar is very friendly and great instructor with very clear instructions that are easy to follow.  Will definitely continue my driving lessons with him.  I am glad I found your driving school.

"My first lesson I had with Samson was confronting about my driving. However after the lessons went on Samson had made me more confident with my driving. The car was always clean and tidy and Samson was always friendly and understanding. My journey for my P's took time however I am glad to know that I will be safe with everything Samson has taught me and implementing it on my everyday driving. Had a blast !"

A BIG thank you to Babar for my driving lessons!  Babar has been a great driving instructor and I highly recommend him.

Overall, the experience with The National Driving Academy was excellent. The teacher was really nice and every lesson was done efficiently and effectively. I will definitely recommend this company to other people in the future.

"All lessons were structured and organised appropriately. There was no time wasted and my instructor, Brian, was always punctual. The lessons were productive and I was able to learn in a comfortable manner. Brian always gave useful tips throughout lessons and my driving improved over time."

It was really interesting.

My instructor was very professional, detail oriented and told me how to be a careful driver.

Great experience! Danny was highly knowledgeable, a great forthcoming personality and desire to help.

"Just had our Keys 2 Drive session with our eldest son and Babar Chohan... ....and we're very impressed. A good program and a first class instructor who has the knack of getting the boy to think for himself as he's driving. We've got two other sons - you'll be seeing both of them as their Ls approach."

"I have had a very positive experience learning to drive with the National Driving Academy. To start, the web site is well designed. Online bookings and payments mean that you don't waste any time organising these things with the instructor. There is also a good system of SMS messaging to confirm appointments. Samson Massey has been my instructor and it has been a pleasure to spend some hours with him learning to drive. His approach is calm and thoughtful and well directed to my individual circumstances. If one is going to spend 20 or more hours learning to drive, its nice to be able to do it with a good quality and friendly instructor. Finally the cars are modern, clean and well maintained. I would strongly recommend the National Driving Academy."

"Having just picked up my provisional licence I would like to thank the team at the National Driving Academy. Samson Massey was my instructor and I am grateful for his professional and thoughtful approach to the Log Book course. He tailored his lessons very effectively to my requirements and was genuinely concerned to make sure that I was getting the most useful training. Thanks, Samson, much appreciated! Overall the Academy has a very professional approach with a good on-line booking and payment systems, good use of SMS alerts and a real commitment to helping students. I would certainly recommend the Academy to any students. Thanks again, team"

I have just got my P's and would just like to give some positive feedback on my driving instructor Joe Koren. It was a pleasure to be taught by Joe. Joe has not only taught me how to be a safe driver, but has taught me additional driving techniques and rules that will help me for years to come. 

Friendly supportive instructor. He gave lots of feedback during the lesson to help me improve. It was a really good stress free lesson. He also gave me things to work on before I book another lesson.

The instructor was very clear in what we needed to do, and was constantly feeding information to me. It was very noticeable that the instructor was going above and beyond the bare minimum, making sure I knew as much as possible.

"So my experience with the National driving academy has been pretty good. My instructor was Samsson, and throughout my logbook journey he was very helpful and patient. Booking over the phone was a breeze. Overall a good experience."

"Had an enjoyable learning experience, incredibly friendly instructors who know their stuff. Really easy to understand. Would definitely recommend."

It was very well taught and easy to understand.

I'd just like to give some positive feedback. I just had my first lesson with Joe Koren. I've had a lot of driving lessons before with a lot of different instructors. Joe is easily the best instructor I've learned from. Joe is a really clear communicator and very friendly and approachable. Joe's knowledge of the road rules is perfect, and he explains how to follow those roles with helpful hints and tints that make it a lot easier to remember. I'm glad to be having lessons with Joe, and because of this experience I'll make sure to recommend National Driving Academy to my friends and family.

I felt very comfortable with the instructor and learnt to park with confidence in a very short time. Thank you Tony.

It was a great lesson.

Joe made me feel really comfortable and reassured me with all the decisions I'd made. The car was also really easy to drive which made me feel more comfortable.

"I have just gotten my licence having had Stephen Jones as my driving instructor. I found his instruction to be supportive and encouraging and now that I have my licence, I feel confident on the road by myself. My experiences with both the driving school and Stephen have all been enjoyable and I will definitely be recommending him as a driving instructor to anyone who asks!"

Hi Babar!  I've passed my driving test today!  Thank you for teaching me!  All your suggestions were very helpful!  Merry Christmas!

I had a great experience during my first driving class. Babar is very experienced, very patient and efficient instructor. I am happy and looking forward to my next class.

Shoel was great, it was a great experience for Liam.

I just wanted to share my review on my instructor Joe. Joe is a wonderful instructor, very calm, very patient. Not only this but he gives great direction with plenty of notice. He gives you very helpful advice and personal experience situations so you can understand more what to expect, what to do and what not to do. When I am in the car with Joe as an instructor I feel very comfortable and feel I have nothing to worry about as I know he is always looking out for me as to what is in my best interest. Thank you Joe for all the hours driving with me so far and the many more to come.

Joe was very nice, felt very comfortable and was not a bad experience at all.

Helpful instructor & already learnt different approach to 3 point turn (turn around) that I couldn't be taught by a parent :))

I felt very comfortable and safe doing my driving lessons! Danny explained things clearly and was very helpful at all times and was always calm and relaxed which helped me as the driver to stay relaxed.

The overall booking experience was excellent. The website layout was great, and the call center was polite and helpful.  The instructor explained well and gave fair feedback.  The car was beautiful. I mean seriously; it was pristine and gorgeous.

"Stephen Jones was an amazing driving instructor, full of knowledge and experience. He was patient and brilliant. He set me at ease and allowed me to do my logbook easily and well. I thank him thoroughly and will recommend him to my friends. He was amazing."

"We just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you have done teaching her how to drive. We'd also like to say how easy it was to book/change lessons, contact, and generally work with the driving school. We will definately be recommending you all to others! Thanks again"

I want to sing the instructors praises - he decided to do a Final Drive with my son and it was snowing and not brilliant weather however Stephen still went ahead to do the lesson with him. He is a brilliant instructor who is fair but firm and with great advice on the best method of learning. The family is forever grateful and looking forward to booking daughter into lessons next year with him. Many many many many thanks!

I had a great time and really enjoyed it... Was very easy to relate to and pick things up.

"I was really happy with all of the services that were provided by the national driving academy,thank you for helping me to organize everything. Online bookings are really simple and very handy. I will reccomend this company and Samson as an instructor to all my friends!! Thank you ! :)"

"Tracey left some feedback with Babar, she told him that was very happy with the service she received from the girls in the call centre at National Driving Academy. Nothings ever a problem for them and they are always willing to help. She had bad experience at another company and is glad she moved to NDA. Thanks for your feedback Tracey."


It was a good first class; I felt safe and motivated to keep practicing as much as I can to continue progressing towards my P's.

Stephen was great. Whilst Brittany is a nervous young lady, he put her at ease from the very start. Listened well to what we had to say about her experiences so far, where she was at, and what we were looking for from the lesson. Fantastic rapport and communication skills. Highly recommend

Very patient instructor. :)

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