Information for Parents

After your child completes the ACT Government Road Ready program and obtains their Learners Drivers licence from Canberra Connect they are ready to commence your learning journey of hands on driving under your supervision. We have prepared a free ebook "Learning to Drive in Canberra!" to help explain the journey ahead of you.

Present your kids with the gift of safe driving.

National Driving Academy aims to make the process of attaining your licence a stress-free and pleasant experience. Our Canberra and Queanbeyan Driving Instructors strive to the highest standards of both customer service and quality of tuition. The is no yelling or abuse, just caring and carefully planned out lessons. All our instructors commit to our additional requirements which include:

  • Ongoing professional development.
  • Being subject to our quality assurance system.
  • Committed to the highest standard of customer service.
  • Working with children checks (Blue Card).

Our prices are straight forward and we offer fantastic savings with our package deals


Suggestions for reducing costs

The number of driving lessons required to complete the ACT Log Book depends entirely on the skills, capacity to learn practical methods and quality practice between driving lessons of the individual learner. A learner driver can improve skills through good quality, frequent and relevant driving practice, which will be influenced by the Supervising Driver. The Keys2Drive Government Funded session will help guide with the pathway to solo driving and help reduce the number of driving lessons required through improved in family learning.

Our suggestions for supervising drivers are:

  • Read the Supervising Drivers booklets provided by the RTA
  • Review the learners log book to see progress and instructor notes
  • Book a Keys2drive free session and have the accredited instructor foucs on your role as a supervising driver
  • Request to attend at least one driving lesson
  • Speak to or message, using the online booking system, the instructor about any concerns or to seek advice

It takes at least 7 lessons to complete the ACT log book, average is 10 to 15 lessons.

Always feel free to call us on 1300 922 797 or email us for advice or to discuss any questions you may have about licencing.


Automatic or manual driving lessons?

We are often asked which transmission type is best to learn - automatic or manual? Let our Canberra based driving school help you decide!

Some parents feel that obtaining a drivers licence in an manual car is more advantageous even when the learner will not have access to a manual car to drive for practice or post licensing. We like to highlight a few factors for your consideration including:

  • Generally we find that city drivers tend to favour automatic whereas country drivers will prefer manual transmission.
  • An automatic car allows a learner to focus on road rules and car control without the added complexity of manual transmission control.
  • Manual cars are cheaper than automatic cars and as such are likely to be the first new car purchase for a young person.
  • Regardless of learning in a manual car if you do not drive a manual car for an extended period of time you will most likely be a bit rusty and need a refresher course.
  • In the ACT an automatic drivers licence is restricted for 12 months after which time a licence holder is able to drive either a manual or automatic car.
  • During the first 12 months an automatic restricted ACT licence holder may also upgrade to a manual licence by completing assessments with an Accredited Driving Instructor in Canberra.
  • If the need arises to drive a manual car in the future then it is advisable to take one or two driving lessons to learn/refresh how to drive a manual car. Remember that you are not needing to learn the driving rules and how to drive, just the system of car control as it applies to a manual transmission, hill starts and other manoeuvres.

However the ultimate answer to this question depends entirely on personal circumstances. Factors such as learning in a car with the transmission type of the car available to practice in will ensure a better learning outcome, save money as less driving lessons will be required and in no way exclude the learner from driving a manual car in the future when the need arises (subject to restrictions within 12 months and our recommendation to take a conversion course when needed). 


Our motto is "safe driving, for life". This motto is not just about lifelong safe driving skills, but also preserving lives on the road through reduced fatalities from safer driving habits. We don't just say it, we live it!